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Taking care of the land, so the land will take care of us


LKFN’s Lands and Resources Department is responsible for overseeing the governance of LKFN’s shared Dene traditional territory in accordance with Dena Laws and principles. The Lands and Resources Department’s responsibilities include managing consultation on all major development projects occurring in LKFN’s territory; overseeing monitoring and guardian programs; administering harvester’s programs; conducting land-based and Dene Knowledge research; and much more.

Staff and Contact Information
Manager of Lands and Resources:
Mining Coordinator:
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General Inquiries: 867-895-3131

Current Projects

  1. Scotty Creek Research Station – K’échı̨zhıah
    On August 15th of 2022 the Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ First Nation took over management of the first Indigenously led research station, the Scotty Creek Research Station – K’échı̨zhıah.

    With a hot and dry summer and winds gusting into the fall, the Scotty Creek Research Station was heavily damaged by forest fire the weekend of October 15th due to the effects of climate change. Precipitations  levels average a little under 300mm around our community, but the 2022 season produced less than 100mm.

    The Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ First Nation has secured funding to rebuild the station during the 2023 season, and will be working with Nogha Enterprises through out this season to facilitate this reconstruction to welcome researchers for the 2024 season.
  2. Mackenzie Valley Highway (MVH)
    LKFN has had some initial discussions in regards to the proposed All Season Road extending from Wrigley, north to Norman Wells. Discussions topics were to start to identify Bio-Physical and Socio-Economic considerations of this project.
  3. NorZinc Prairie Creek Mine and All Season Road
    LKFN has been diligently involved in the NorZinc Prairie Creek project on all fronts, including conducting regulatory reviews, participating in monitoring work and implementing benefits agreements.
  4. Cantung mine
    LKFN continues to participate in all aspects of the Cantung project; LKFN is also seeking opportunities to participate in any work that emerges from this project.
  5. Mactung mine
    The Mactung project is in the process of being purchased by a company called Fireweed. LKFN has started some initial engagements with Fireweed and is looking to pursue an exploration agreement.
  6. Monitoring Strategy
    LKFN is undertaking efforts to strengthen its monitoring program this year. Some of the tasks LKFN has undertaken include developing an overall monitoring strategy, systematizing how LKFN manages the data emerging from monitoring, and training monitors on new processes.
  7. Indigenous Habitat Participation Program
    LKFN has been completing a monitoring program this year focused on salmon to better understand the presence of this species in the Mackenzie watershed. As part of this program, LKFN conducted a Dene Knowledge study where community members were interviewed about their knowledge of salmon. LKFN has also conducted workshops and data collection via monitoring activities on this species.
  8. Data Management
    LKFN has been working this year to create data management policies, to organize all data and to migrate all data over to a cloud platform.
  9. Other
    LKFN’s Lands and Resources Department is involved in a number of ongoing projects, including Dene Knowledge Research; workshops on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to contribute to Canada’s Action Plan; Climate Change Adaptation; oversight of the Scotty Research Facility; caribou management and more.


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