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Contract for On-the-land Camp

Contact: Madison Pilling

Community Tourism Coordinator

Łıı́dlıı ́ ́ Ku ́e ́ First Nation

(867) 695-3131 x. 1006

This is a request for quotes to do the site preparation and building of the Gazebo outlined below. In addition, we require 5 tent pads, 5 tent frames, 2 outhouses and

The location of this Gazebo will be across the river from Fort Simpson near the Enbridge Pipeline crossing (at Carson Camp). For this quote, we would like those interested in the construction to include the cost to construct the gazebo, including design, site preparation, materials and labour, interior furnishings and transport of materials to the site. (Transportation logistics and options regarding materials and crew can be discussed).

The gazebo design will reflect a traditional smokehouse, with a conical roof and allow for an open fire in the center. The structure will also provide space for interpretive and cultural activities. The gazebo will be eight-sided, with eight-foot log walls with screened glass windows that can open, with screens, on all sides. Each side of the octagon will be ten feet in length, providing interior space of almost 500 square feet, appropriate for gatherings of up to twenty-five people. The roof will extend eight feet above the top of the walls at its center.  There will be an opening in the center of the roof fitted with a stove pipe for smoke to escape, while still providing rain protection. The first several feet of the roof will be constructed of plywood and shingles, but the upper portion will be constructed of plexiglass to admit more light. The building will have two doors, one facing North and one facing South.

Benches will be built along the walls of the gazebo. Interior furnishings will include ten folding tables, forty folding chairs, and a counter in which the sink is mounted. 

A drawing of a potential design for the gazebo is shown below.

The build also requires 2 outhouses, 5 tent-pads, 5 tent frames and 6 picnic tables. The tent pads and frames will be 12ft x 12ft and be constructed of pressure-treated lumber. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. An example of a tent frame is included below.

*Quotes for consideration are due back to by November 16th at 11:59pm.

  Kitchen Gazebo/Smokehouse
Tent Frame Example