Dehcho Negotiations


In January 2017, Liidlii Kue First Nation (LKFN) hired a Negotiation Communications Coordinator to increase membership awareness of the Dehcho Negotiations.  The plan for communicating the negotiation process and the Agreement in Principle is to organize and implement different types of projects that will inform LKFN membership on the history and current status of Dehcho negotiations. The main focus of these projects is to utilize the many different ways LKFN is set up to deliver information.  The four main ways that are integrated into the plan are:  radio, website, social media and face to face communication. 


Contact Information Update: This in an ongoing effort to collect membership contact information to send out current information on negotiations.

Movie Screenings: Dehcho Ndehe Gha Nadaots’ehthe “Fighting for our Land” directed and produced by Rebeca Garrett with the Dehcho First Nations Communications Team is a 1 hour and 7 minutes long DVD that will take you on a journey from living on the land to where we are today with respect to the Dehcho Process.  You can watch the movie at

Membership Presentations: There are periodic Joint Membership meetings for members of Fort Simpson Metis Local 52 and Liidlii Kue, held to update members with new information and important negotiation events.  

High School Workshops: Partnering with Jean Marie River First Nation and Fort Simpson Metis Nation, a four-day workshop was held in the Northern Studies classroom at Thomas Simpson High School.  The presentation themes included; Dene world view, history of the Dehcho Process, current Dehcho negotiations and what does this mean for the youth.  

Attending Leadership meetings, Negotiation sessions and the Dehcho Annual Assembly: The Negotiations Communication Coordinator attends these meetings to learn about the most current topics of negotiation and reports from the Dehcho negotiating team.  All of these meetings are open to membership to attend and observe.  The program has a small budget to subsidize members who would like to observe these meetings to learn more about negotiations.   

Radio Programming: LKFN is working hard to start regular programing on CFLK Liidlii Kue’s Community Radio Station.  Once programing starts there will be a Negotiations program that will air regularly and focus on the Agreement in Principle. 

Website Updates: The website will be updated with events, news articles and new information. 

Facebook Updates: The Facebook page will be posting links to our updates on the website.  Look out for links to upcoming events, current news articles and changes or update information.  

Foundation work, Agreements and Links to Important Information: 

Check the Documents Section below, you will find a Chronology (summary) of the Dehcho Process. 

These are the documents and agreements that set out the guidelines for what can and can not happen during negotiations. You can find all of these documents at

The Dehcho Proposal 

21 Common Ground Principles 

The Framework Agreement

The Interim Measures Agreement 

The Interim Resource Development Agreement 

The Settlement Agreement 

The Dehcho Process has many parts and you can find out more about these by following the links provided and checking the documents section below.

Agreement in Principle

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Land Use Planning


Where are we today? Check out the Ministerial Special Representitive Report (MSR) and the latest negotiation report.