Arts and Crafts

Fort Simpson is an art-scene hot spot in the NWT. Throughout the year you can find arts and crafts like carvings, handmade willow canes, traditional Aboriginal clothing, birch bark baskets and moose hide crafts in shops throughout town

Arts & Crafts
Fort Simpson is rich with artists. We offer many arts & crafts ranging from traitional birch bark baskets, moccasins, and clothing to carvings, paintings, and custom made knives. Below is a list of the businesses selling arts & crafts:

Art Canada- Fine Carvings & Artwork
Owner: Sean Whelly
PO Box 563
Fort Simpson, NT, X0E 0N0
Tel: 867-445-4180

Open Sky Creative Society - Artist-run centre featuring gallery, crafts shop & summer arts festival
Box 575
Fort Simpson, NT X0E 0N0
Tel: 867-695-3005/FAX: 867-695-3005

Tse Gogha Ats'ehi - Custom traditional aboriginal and modern clothing.
Owner: Joseph Tsetso
Fort Simpson, NT, X0E 0N0
Tel: 867-695-2846

For more information visit Northwest Territories Arts or GNWT-Fort Simpson